Adventure on a Kayak

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Adventure on a Kayak

An adventure on a kayak can be a great way to explore the outdoors on the water. It can be done competitively as a race and can also be done as a casual hobby outdoors.

You can use a kayak on almost any type of water: ocean, river, lake, large pool. But if you’re looking for more of an exciting and intense adventure, you could try paddling through rough rivers and strong currents. It’s definitely a great way to bring up your adrenaline to a high level. A helmet is necessary in case you fall off and hit your head on some rocks that are close to the surface of the water.

Why is kayaking so popular

There are plenty of benefits and reasons to why kayaking is so fun and delightful. This is because it’s such an unambiguous outdoor exercise activity that helps in enhancing the mind, as well as the body. Besides, it lets people explore the waters and the surroundings as they paddle around their area.

The best part about this wonderful outdoor activity is that it can easily be done at any age and is open to anybody willing to try out something new on the water. Moreover, it’s an amazing sport any beginner can learn. Even if you’re overweight or too tall, kayaking can still be an enjoyable outdoor activity. However, kayaking includes having different techniques, forms, and boats, depending on the type of water you are kayaking in.

Why should you get a kayak

The astounding feeling of stepping into a kayak, pushing away from the land, placing the kayak onto the water, and being able to move the boat forward in a single paddle stroke is unforgettable. Anyone may feel free and can leave all their stresses behind, as they paddle away on the waters. It allows anyone to be close to nature while being able to see the fish, other aquatic species, plants, and shores up close.

Special health advantages include having improved cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, increased muscle strength, mainly in the back, arms, shoulders, and chest specifically from moving the paddle. An hour of kayaking can burn over 350 calories, depending on how hard and fast you paddle.

More reasons
  • Tone your core and tummy
  • Get the chance to be closer to nature
  • Go on a kayak adventure and explore to have fun with friends and family
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Become multiskilled and flexible
  • Good for Aerobic exercise

What to carry with you when kayaking

  1. Life jacket
  2. A helmet is a must if you’re in dangerous and rough waters.
  3. Sound producing device such as whistle in case you get lost and you need to call out for attention and help.
  4. Food and water since paddling burns a lot of calories and requires energy in order not to be as tired.
  5. Bail bucket as you might come across in sinking because of having too much water in your kayak. Bail buckets don’t have to be massive buckets either. They just need to be able to be filled with water to dump out of the kayak and then to be reused again.
  6. Rope can be good to carry in case you would like to park your kayak somewhere or if you’d like to tie it somewhere.

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