Annual mountain bike race in Bahrain 2020

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Annual mountain bike race in Bahrain 2020

In Bahrain, mountain bike races are organized only once a year. 2020 consisted of 2 types of mountain bike races:

  1. Cross country XC race
  2. The downhill challenge

Cross country XC MTB race

Times are measured for each individual member racing with an electronic chip wrapped around the wrist. Winner recognition is analyzed by the fastest 15km finisher. A good bike recommendation would be to use a light cross country MTB with low suspension travel. Hardtails would help be even faster.


  • 5km for each lap.
  • Race distance includes 3 laps which sum up to 15km in total for the whole race.

Categories: Female and male races were split into 2 waves.

Track type:

  • There were no technical features.
  • The surface was easy to encourage high endurance speeds on your MTB.
  • The trail was mostly always flat.

Race rules:

  • A helmet is a must to compete.
  • One wave should proceed at a time.
  • Each track rider must carry a tracking chip strapped around either their ankle or wrist in order not to lose the timings.
  • The bike type for this race is mountain bike only.

waiting for the results…..

The downhill challenge MTB race

This race also used the tracking chip device that strapped around the wrists of each individual racing. The level type for this downhill race is for advanced riders. A full-suspension mountain bike is highly recommended for this race track.

Distance: Approximately 450 meters of a combination from two different downhill runs.

Track type:

  • Super steep and technical.
  • The track includes some jumps.
  • Keep in mind that this course is not for beginners or amateurs.

Race rules:

  • A full-face helmet is mandatory for this downhill race.
  • Laps are timed for each individual.
  • The downhill racers are timed separately and one at a time.
  • Your mountain bike should be checked before. (Gears and tire pressure e.g.)
Downhill races in Bahrain 2020

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