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Water biking

As crazy as it may sound, water biking is real and it exists. It can be a great and fun way to enjoy the outdoors on the water. If you enjoy cycling but would prefer to do it on water, then the Schiller water bike is perfect for you! Water biking can possibly also be…
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Categories for Jet skis

When it comes to jet skiing, there’s always a perfect model for everyone who’s interested in riding one. The categories for jet skis are split into 5 different types. They contain rec-lite, recreation, tow- sports, luxury, and performance models. Rec-lite models This was a newly created model for people who don’t want to spend as…
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Fastest Jet skis (PWC)

If you love racing on a jet ski or you just want to be the fastest out there on the water, The Sea-doo RXP-X 300 is perfect for you. The top speed of this outstanding jet ski can reach up to 70mph stock. It uses a supercharged engine being able to produce 300 horsepower. The…
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How to bike long-distance

If you would like to achieve long-distance on a bike ride, you’ll have to start thinking about always pacing yourself. You should never ever rush. Rushing will always lead to getting you tired quickly. It will definitely cause your muscles to ache much faster which can result in giving up on the way. The better…
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Hiking and Trekking

The difference would be that hiking takes place in going for long energetic walks on trails and paths for days or nights. However, trekking takes place by going on long, strenuous hikes in a natural environment. To add on, the difficulty of hiking is recognized as adequate. In spite of that, trekking is harder as…
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Living on a sailboat

Living on a sailing boat can be such an awe-inspiring way to live life. It’s a different experience that makes people feel interested. Numerous people already live on a sailboat. This shows that it’s definitely possible. However, living aboard a sailboat isn’t for everyone. Some people just look at it as a hobby or sport.…
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What should you bring when going you’re camping?

Camping is an outdoor activity made for people who want to sleep away from home using a shelter such as a tent or recreational vehicle. Campers usually love to get away from civilization and just enjoy nature. Camping initially requires a lot of important gear and it’s best to be as organized as possible to…
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Types of Mountain Biking

Nowadays, types of mountain biking can be split into multiple categories. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to discover the types for MTB! There are 3 basic kinds: Cross country (XC) All-mountain (Enduro) Downhill (DH) This article will be representing all types of mountain biking in detail in order to learn about…
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Mountain Biking in Bahrain

I first started mountain biking properly at the age of 11 in Bahrain which is a small country in the Middle East. I mountain bike in the desert as there are no mountains in Bahrain. But at least we have a lot of hills which are still nice for trails and filled with plenty of…
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