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How to Make Your E-Bike Last Longer

Some e-bikes, regardless of the motor, have a separate, typically twist throttle on a handle, as you’d find on a motorcycle. That enables you to move without pedaling. This is handy for a quick takeoff, but it uses a lot more battery, which limits the range of your motor and the amount of exercise you…
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How to bunny hop an Mtb

Bunny hopping isn’t just for mountain bikers. Knowing how to get both wheels up on a road bike or XC mountain bike will let you cross over obstacles such as railroad tracks, potholes, damaged bumpers, and even pavements without having the need to slow down. First of all, what is a Bunny hop anyway? Bunny…
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Types of Mountain Biking

Nowadays, types of mountain biking can be split into multiple categories. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to discover the types for MTB! There are 3 basic kinds: Cross country (XC) All-mountain (Enduro) Downhill (DH) This article will be representing all types of mountain biking in detail in order to learn about…
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