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Powerful Outdoors

Outdoor Practice of Martial Arts

Martial Arts have been developed since ancient times with the purpose of self-defense. At the time of their inception, fancy gyms, air-conditioned studios were not available. The practice was done always outdoors. In the Shaolin temple, the monks were doing hard working chores to maintain their monastery in great shape, but also to forge their…
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How long does it take to build a normal-sized log cabin?

Today in our world, log houses keep on becoming more famous every day. The plain, simple and homely atmosphere, the attractive woodwork, and the supernature feeling it brings to everyone. Numerous people always wonder how long it would take to build a normal-sized log cabin. So how long exactly does it take to build a…
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Water biking

As crazy as it may sound, water biking is real and it exists. It can be a great and fun way to enjoy the outdoors on the water. If you enjoy cycling but would prefer to do it on water, then the Schiller water bike is perfect for you! Water biking can possibly also be…
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How to bike long-distance

If you would like to achieve long-distance on a bike ride, you’ll have to start thinking about always pacing yourself. You should never ever rush. Rushing will always lead to getting you tired quickly. It will definitely cause your muscles to ache much faster which can result in giving up on the way. The better…
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