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3 useful Sailing Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Sailing has been a common hobby for many people since the invention of the sail. While it is also still considered by many to be a sport, it can be a relaxing vacation or an enjoyable way to explore new destinations and experience different cultures. And it is one of the most popular activities in…
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Yacht sailing versus dinghy sailing

The type of sailboat you decide to sail will develop your point of view on the sport as a whole. Numerous sailors love changing from one boat to another. It could depend on where they are and what sailboats they also have access to. On the other hand, a lot of people may love to…
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Living on a sailboat

Living on a sailing boat can be such an awe-inspiring way to live life. It’s a different experience that makes people feel interested. Numerous people already live on a sailboat. This shows that it’s definitely possible. However, living aboard a sailboat isn’t for everyone. Some people just look at it as a hobby or sport.…
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