December Biking Challenge

Powerful Outdoors

Are you interested in biking? Take the chance and time to invest in your new outdoor hobby. We have just released a new beginner’s online challenge course here at Powerful Outdoors. This challenge involves people participating in challenges using the tutorials given to learn new skills and explore this amazing hobby! Great for both children and adults. 

Prizes for the first 3 winners who complete all the challenges first!

Yes! There will be prizes for the winners. This experience will be an amazing boost of motivation to get involved in outdoor activities. The prize will be related to biking products.

How do you win?

The challenges and tutorials can be found on this page. The December Biking Challenge will last for the whole month. This will give everyone enough time to practice and have fun participating. As well as giving a chance for everyone to win. The winner will be announced at the end of the month.

Requirement for proof of doing the challenge

This is an online challenge so everyone entering will have to take a video of themselves doing the challenge. Competitors will have to upload them to youtube(unlisted to be private if they wish to do so) and send the link to this email after making the video for proof of completing the challenge:

What type of challenges are there going to be?

The challenges are set to be for beginners/amateurs. December Biking Challenge will include :

  • Going up and down a pavement (minimum 10 cm height) while on the bike.
  • Washing your bike.
  • Trackstand for at least a minimum of 15 seconds.
  • Bike a distance of 15km.
  • Change a flat tire under 10 minutes.
  • Perform a bunny hop.

For the Bike wash challenge, a video is not required. You may upload a before and after picture to really show the difference. Same for the Bike distance of 15km. You can just send a screenshot of the distance you biked using any mobile exercise app. Good luck!

Tutorials will be uploaded for each challenge on this page to help individuals complete each challenge.

The entry fee will be $26.5 / 10BD

Bunny Hop Tutorial
Going up and down the pavement Tutorial
How to fix a flat tire Tutorial
Track Stand Tutorial
How to wash your bike Tutorial