Free your mind through mountain biking

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Free your mind through mountain biking

One of the most beautiful things to do in the summer is mountain biking. Just biking through the beautiful nature of the Alps gives you such a unique feeling of a free mind. I never feel under pressure in taking the same route whenever I’m riding on a path or trail. I can choose to go wherever my will takes me.

It’s an adventure

The feeling of setting off on an entirely new trip, without having a clear vision of where you’re going to end up, is one of the joys of mountain bike touring. The feel of setting off on a bike seems like more of an adventure. Which is totally different from going by car or plane. You could also have a break and stop to admire your surroundings and views while resting.

My journeys are not dependent on anyone but myself because I can go where I want, when I want and how quickly.

Downhill and focus

When you’re going at a high-speed downhill, your mind has to be very sharp and decisions have to be made very quickly. In the same way, a traffic controller guides the planes to land and take off, the same way a mountain biker has to analyze in a fraction of a second to choose the correct line. Picking the wrong line can result in crashing.

This is something you cannot train through repetition like other sports but by training the sharpness of your mind and letting go of your fears.

A free mind is to be fearless

Apart from regular techniques like how to jump a bike, how to lean your body on your bike, finding the best balance point positions on your bike, and when to brake, mountain biking is mainly about freeing your mind and letting go of your fears.

When fear takes over

When the rider is in fear mode, it is impossible to relax his body and in case of a crash, serious accidents and injuries could happen. I have witnessed several times other riders crashing with severe injuries ending up in the emergency room with a broken collarbone or back. The difference between those serious accidents and professional mountain bikers that crash is that when you decide to do a jump, for example, you let go of every fear and forget about all your doubts.

Being relaxed and focused at the same time

Freeing your mind is not synonymous with a lazy mind. Real freedom comes by choosing a certain thought to focus only on that thought. In this process, we involve both the mind and body. If you want to understand this concept, feel free to study any golden Olympic gold medalist in the process of winning a medal. They offer the perfect example of being focused whilst being relaxed and fearless.

Having a free mind and self-confidence

The only limitation we have in life is the one that we set in our minds. Whenever we are faced with any fear, we have two choices: to limit ourselves and continue living with fear or to choose a course of action that will help us defeat it. For me, every time I conquer fear, my self-confidence grows more.

Every time we achieve something that looks impossible, we become more powerful. No matter where or when this happens to us, it has benefits in all other areas of our life. This is because it brings hope of conquering other fears in all areas of our life. For me, defeating my fears while mountain biking boosted my self-confidence in all other areas of my life.

Life is like an enduro race, with periods of going uphill, sometimes a steep downhill, and obstacles that sometimes look impossible to jump over.

The secret sauce of being fearless

Top performer athletes that reach the highest levels of performance have two things in common: a definite purpose and persistence. Mountain biking is a fairly dangerous sport that requires clear steps in the progress. When I first started, I was very cautious about the level of danger involved.

My advice for those who want to start mountain biking is to start with the smallest steps possible. The definite purpose must be understood in terms of registered progress as long as we progress with persistence, we can achieve anything. What I mean by that is that fearless doesn’t mean foolishness. We must always consider the levels of skills we have, the quality of the bike we ride, and the danger level of the trails we’re on. Being safe should always be the definite purpose.

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