Hiking and Trekking

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Hiking and Trekking

The difference would be that hiking takes place in going for long energetic walks on trails and paths for days or nights. However, trekking takes place by going on long, strenuous hikes in a natural environment. To add on, the difficulty of hiking is recognized as adequate. In spite of that, trekking is harder as it requires more skill. Skills such as agility, strength, and endurance are needed.

Hike for the sunset

Are hiking and trekking good for your health?

Yes, they definitely are. They certainly are because they are proven to reduce blood pressure and balance the body’s cholesterol levels. Such outdoor activities are guaranteed to improve the circulatory & respiratory system health. Therefore, they help in reducing the probability of a heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular pains, and respiratory disorders. Trekking and hiking also help in increasing stamina. As a result, they also help in burning calories which leads to weight loss too.

Why are they good hobbies?

Hiking and trekking are very similar. Nonetheless, they are advantageous and healthy. The energy from the sun and natural fresh air from the environment removes the stress from your mind and assists in relaxing yourself. Once again, the exercise you can get from such activities controls your weight.

Embrace the cold

How to pack and prepare for trip

Never go alone on a hike trip. It can be boring and it’s much better to have company around whilst outdoors. Another reason is that incase something happens you have people to back you up incase of an emergency. Anything could happen out there.


  • Make sure to research all trail options
  • Check if there is enough time
  • Check trail conditions
  • Verify the weather forecasts
  • Dress depending on the weather
  • Get some friends with you to come along
  • Wear comfortable hiking boots
  • Start small if you’re a beginner and take it easy


  • Good, comfortable, and light rucksack
  • Whistle
  • Knife
  • Headlamp
  • Sun protection
  • First aid kit
  • Plenty of food and snacks
  • A lot of water

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