How long does it take to build a normal-sized log cabin?

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How long does it take to build a normal-sized log cabin?

Today in our world, log houses keep on becoming more famous every day. The plain, simple and homely atmosphere, the attractive woodwork, and the supernature feeling it brings to everyone. Numerous people always wonder how long it would take to build a normal-sized log cabin.

So how long exactly does it take to build a normal-sized cabin? The time for building one could possibly take anywhere between eleven to sixteen weeks. Constructing a log cabin involves three stages: the planning stage, the building stage, and the erecting stage. The planning stage could take anywhere from around a few days to a couple of weeks. Whereas the building stage would usually take from twelve to fourteen weeks to build. Then finally, the erecting stage would probably only last around two to three days to finish off.

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Things to keep in mind for your construction log cabin project

It’s best to choose or at least consider if you’re building a log cabin for yourself or your family or for other reasons. There are several things that you should take into consideration for your timeline when constructing your log cabin.

How much man power do you require?

Time may be used up when searching the manpower to assist you in constructing your log cabin. Additionally, make sure that the manpower you find is experienced and well trusted to ensure the best result for you and your new home.

What kind of tools and materials do you need?

It is important and necessary to decide on the tools and materials you may need before constructing. Just like cooking, it is immensely crucial to have everything you require before starting anything. It would be smart to call in advance your local hardware stores to see if they have the tools and materials you need in stock for you.

What will the weather be like during the construction stages for your log cabin?

The weather can really change the situation and conditions to the amount of time you spend on your cabin. This is why it is tremendously important to know how the weather will be like during the stages of completing the project. If the weather is bad it will delay the work on your log cabin and will, therefore, become more expensive due to possible damaged equipment. It is best recommended to research your future weather conditions and to choose a perfect date for your project.

The planning stage

Depending on how much of a quick planner you are or how many details you want, the planning stage can take from a few days to a couple of weeks. Now that you’re finally done taking everything into consideration, It is now time to start off with the planning stage. Apart from the questions above, consider these questions when you are planning your blueprints.

  • What kind of wood do I want my log cabin to be built from?
  • How many doors do I want?
  • Will my log cabin be an open layout or have rooms.
  • How many rooms do I want if I decide to have rooms?
  • How many windows do I want and where do I want them to be located?
  • What should my flooring be made out of?
  • How many levels do I want my cabin to be?
  • Where exactly do I want my cabin to be?
  • Do I want my log cabin to contain electricity or to be completely off-grid?
  • What necessities do I want my cabin to include? (Bathroom, kitchen, storage room, etc…)
  • Do I want rafters or an attic?
  • Do I want a fireplace? If yes then where exactly?

These are just a bunch of example questions that could help you get an idea when going through the planning stage for this project.

The building stage

The building stage is the second stage on your timeline for the construction of your log cabin. This is the stage where your logs are obtained and constructed into the proportions and style needed for your desired cabin. After knowing what type of wood you wish your log cabin to be built from you can send in an order to a log home company and they will take possession of the wood required and cut and shape it to size before delivering it to the site of your planned log home. 

Please also consider that log home companies are not your only way of going. You can even cut down your own trees and harvest your own wood for your log cabin if you want. This choice is totally up for you to decide on. Halfway to the end of this stage, you will need to clear out an area to create the foundation for your log cabin so the timber can easily be built upon completion. 

The erecting phase

This is the final stage of your construction project. At this point, your log cabin is days away from becoming finally real. If you choose to hire a company to assist in constructing your log cabin (depending on the size of course), it usually takes around two to three days of hard labor.

If you are constructing your log cabin personally, the timeline is totally up to you. It can be completed as fast as two to three days or longer if that is preferred.

This final stage is based on constructing up your log cabin on your foundation. Firstly, the walls get erected. Moving on, the frame of your cabin gets built. Next, you will fit and adjust the flooring you chose for your cabin. Once this is finally done, your log cabin is put together at last with the other nuts and bolts, roof, insulating, windows, and doors. You now finally have finished building your beautiful log house at last that you are super proud of and now all the stages have been completed.

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