How to bike long-distance

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How to bike long-distance

If you would like to achieve long-distance on a bike ride, you’ll have to start thinking about always pacing yourself. You should never ever rush. Rushing will always lead to getting you tired quickly. It will definitely cause your muscles to ache much faster which can result in giving up on the way. The better you pace yourself, the faster you can achieve long distances. Like everything, it should be done in moderation. The endurance should be in moderation. Always challenge yourself to ride more than you usually do.

Conquer your own mind and fight the nerves

Food and nutrition for long-distance

Our human bodies are like cars. Always make sure to have some food with you on long rides. Long-distance rides can certainly drain a lot of energy. Nutrition such as gels, energy bars, and jam sandwiches would be some good solutions. If you’re going on a casual 25km ride, snacks are not that necessary. However, if you surpass 2 hours of riding, it would be a smart idea to refuel your body. Nutrition requirements become mandatory if you ever decide to make your riding time for 5 hours. A heavy breakfast would never be beneficial for you on the bike. Carrying a full stomach for a long-distance ride is not at all a good feeling. In addition, healthy fats and proteins are only good for recovering after the ride as they take longer to digest.

Be mentally strong

Most of the pain whilst riding long-distance comes from the mind. It’s more mental than physical. The easiest thing is to just give up. Your body will really thank you for the stamina and muscle improvements. A good tip we could recommend is to push out all the negative thoughts out of your head. Think of some good motivations. The best way of managing to ride longer distances is by listening to your favorite music. Try it. It definitely works! Another way can also be by focusing on the rider in front of you. You could think of it as a competition if you’re in a group. If you’re mountain biking uphill or cycling uphill, think of the beautiful scenery view you’ll be able to see in person with your own eyes once you reach the top.

Forget the uphill ride

Not everyone likes to bike uphill. A good way to succeed by reaching the top is by imagining the reward you’ll get which is the downhill. Who doesn’t love going downhill? Hills are the curse of a rider and we can all understand that. Just relax and don’t panic. Feel free to go on lighter gear rather than trying to go as fast as possible. It is so much more important to focus on maintaining your RPM rather than your speed.

Be ready for all the upcoming miles of adventure

Never fail to prepare for long-distance

It can be such a pain to forget important equipment whilst on a ride. Always triple-check your list of equipment! Before setting off, You should make sure to see if everything on the bike is alright. For example, tire pressure, brakes, chainrings, derailleur, pedals, loose screws, loose handlebars, and bearings. Don’t forget your spares and tools. Bring enough water. Hydration is super important. Another thing to consider is to invest in some good bike pants with some comfortable padding. There will be less pressure and your butt will also thank you.

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