How to bunny hop an Mtb

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How to bunny hop an Mtb

Bunny hopping isn’t just for mountain bikers. Knowing how to get both wheels up on a road bike or XC mountain bike will let you cross over obstacles such as railroad tracks, potholes, damaged bumpers, and even pavements without having the need to slow down.

First of all, what is a Bunny hop anyway?

Bunny hopping involves getting the front wheel up in the air first, then launching up and scooping the rear wheel behind you. This is actually similar to an “ollie” on a skateboard. This could take plenty of practice but is definitely worth learning for any type of biker out there. Being able to lift both of your wheels up in the air over an obstacle, is one of the most helpful cycling skills you can acquire. It could also save your wheel if you’re bumping it against a log or pavement at a high speed. If you’re trying to gain more height while jumping, bunny hopping can help you achieve the height you want.

How to learn this trick

Mastering this move takes some practice. I strongly recommend practicing this move step-by-step. Start by getting comfortable with lifting your front wheel up. Pump down onto the bike and perform this L-shaped to the back of the bike or your hips. This is exactly the same as a manual technique. Make sure that your arms are straight as you go back. Don’t forget to use your body or hips to lift your front wheel and not your arms.

Getting that rear wheel up in the air

Lifting up your rear wheel is the hardest part of learning this technique. You need to throw your hips forward towards the handlebars. That’s your weight going up and forward. At the same time, you need to dip your toes slightly and pull back gradually against the peddles with your feet. Practice these two things at the same time in order to get your back wheel to pop up into the air.

Use a stick to practice getting your wheels over it step-by-step

A really great way of practicing one wheel at a time is by putting a normal stick out on a trail or even just a normal parking lot to practice. You can then start by rolling slow at it so that you lift your front wheel up and over. Continue by waiting for your rear wheel to get closer and then stand up and forward to lift your rear wheel.

Start combining both movements together

Once you have all the instructions above dialed, you can start by attempting to lift both wheels together. As the front wheel is coming up and almost to its peak, it’s time to get the back wheel up. Increase your speed until both wheels are in the air at the same time. When you’ve nailed that, use the stick and start again. Once you can clear the stick comfortably at speed, you’re ready to take it to the trail. Conclusion: The key to the perfect mountain bike bunnyhop is using your weight and position on the bike to lift the bike rather than using your strength to just throw the bike in the air and over whatever obstacle is in front of you.

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