Jarada – The invisible little island

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Jarada – The invisible little island

Jarada is a small island situated about 15 nautical miles from the main island of Bahrain. It is one of the hottest attractions among those who live in Bahrain, whether expatriates or locals. In this part of the world, the sea tides are oscillating daily, a phenomenon which makes the little Jarada island disappear under the water, in order to appear once again.

White sand and clear blue waters

The little island Jarada is without exaggeration a place full of serenity in the middle of the sea. When emerging from the sea, as a result of a low tide, the island becomes a little sandy beach. It takes about 10 minutes to walk around the island.

Beautiful view of the island walk around

Birds, fish, and other sea creatures

If you enjoy fishing, Jarada island is surrounded by all types of fish. Among the catch of the day, you may expect sherry, hamour/grouper, catfish, and barracudas.

Do not forget to get your camera with you as there are many birds looking to rest their eggs on Jarada. Cormorants and seagulls are friendly enough to help you take an unforgettable photo with them.

If you like snorkeling, you may find a few spots with big fish swimming around the beautiful island.

Dolphins’ visiting

Not once happened to get visited around the island by a group of dolphins. Waking up with the sound of dolphins’ breath can make your morning unique. There are many dolphins in the sea around Bahrain, you just need to be patient enough to wait for their visit.

Be prepared to swim against strong currents

When you park your boat and want to swim to the island, you may be surprised by how powerful the current can be at times, especially when the tides are changing. This may be exhausting especially for those who have not mastered swimming or not being fit enough to swim against strong currents.

Week vs weekend – serenity vs noise

If you like noisy beaches, parties, loud music, and barbecue smell, most weekends Jarada gets crowded. Exploring the island and nature is better experienced during the week or overnight. Sleeping on the boat is advised instead of sleeping on the island unless you are closely watching the sea levels.

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