Outdoor Practice of Martial Arts

Powerful Outdoors

Outdoor Practice of Martial Arts

Martial Arts have been developed since ancient times with the purpose of self-defense. At the time of their inception, fancy gyms, air-conditioned studios were not available. The practice was done always outdoors. In the Shaolin temple, the monks were doing hard working chores to maintain their monastery in great shape, but also to forge their bodies.

No matter how cold or hot it is, rainy, windy, or just unfriendly weather, the outdoor practice of martial arts is always more powerful and authentic than indoors.

Learn how to focus

All martial arts start by learning and perfecting the body posture with the intent of focusing the attention, and therefore the energy into fighting with one or more opponents. This translates into day-to-day life having a habit of focusing vital energy on a single point. People who are focused are the ones who can achieve anything they put their mindset to.

Coexist with nature and respect it

The powerful Outdoors concept is meant to inspire more and more people to spend time outdoors, in nature. We love nature. We respect it with all that comes with it. Practicing martial arts in the natural environment means also cleaning the place after training, making sure that we respect the plants and animals. When we train outdoors, we use the energy from the Sun and Earth. Breathing exercises are meant to merge our bodies with the environment. We should be grateful for being on an abundant planet that has so much to offer.

Benefits of martial arts practiced outdoors

Strong willpower

Nothing can be done in life without willpower. We all have dreams, ideas, or goals. But only those with strong willpower are achievers. Martial artists conquer their body, through strenuous training. From there, only one more step is required to master their mind.

Develop positive habits

As the saying goes: “Practice makes perfect” – repetition of moves is necessary to perfect a technique. This translates directly to consciously creating a positive habit. Seeing is believing during practice and this belief in self can be applied to any area of life (for example healthy eating habits)


One cannot call himself a leader if he is not able to make solid decisions. When you practice martial arts, you are constantly experiencing making decisions through your choice of body movements, acquiring wisdom and self-confidence. It’s like a chess game, accessing your mind through your body.


Regular practice of martial arts improves the body on multiple levels, including better circulation, toning the heart and other muscles, strengthening the back, reducing stress and anxiety, and balancing the mental and emotional states.

More energy

The main focus is to maintain a healthy, injury-free state of body and mind. More stamina and a positive attitude towards your body capabilities provide you with unlimited resources. Being more energized means you have more power to enjoy your day. Find out more at https://kitrain.com/

Quote: “ No person is free who is not master of himself” Pythagoras.

Patience and self-discipline

There are no shortcuts or faster ways to achieve mastery in martial arts. With every training, you become more patient not only in your practice but in your life, at work, school, or at home. This leads to greater self-discipline.

Play station simulation martial arts game? Better practice martial arts outdoors

There are many options of computer games where you can practice your ‘fingers’ skills on fighting. But nothing compares to real training, where we seriously sweat and feel great after the training. Do you think you’re cool if you’re mastering your keyboard or controller skills? How about some real stuff: doing push-ups with one finger?

Kung Fu is inspired by the animal world

Chinese martial artists created Kung fu by observing and copying moves from the animal world. Tiger, Crane, Snake, Leopard, and Dragon are the main styles inspired by nature. Watching old kung fu movies can be inspiring even in the world today, where city life is predominant and unfortunately the only place where we can see some animals are either a zoo or tv. Yet, nothing stops us to find nature and spend time there. Whether practicing martial arts, or any other favorite outdoor sport, go spend time in the middle of nature.

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