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Water biking

As crazy as it may sound, water biking is real and it exists. It can be a great and fun way to enjoy the outdoors on the water. If you enjoy cycling but would prefer to do it on water, then the Schiller water bike is perfect for you! Water biking can possibly also be a new experience for you if you’d like to try out something new. We all love watersports and the outdoors!

The Schiller water bike

The Schiller water bike is similar to any other bike. The power that comes from pedaling transfers to the propeller underwater to give speed and movement. Furthermore, the water bike is steered with handlebars just like other bikes. This astonishing bike is built with stainless steel and anodized parts which allows it to be more corrosion resistant.

Explore the waters on a water bike!

More about the Schiller for water biking

The difference may be the floats on the sides. However, they help with maintaining the water bike to balance and be stable on the water. You can reach a top speed of approximately 10 mph which is actually fun and safe at the same time. If you’re casually just cruising normally, you’d probably be riding at about 5 mph. The price for a Schiller water bike is $5,500.

A good benefit would be that the water bike takes less than 10 minutes to assemble and disassemble. The frame itself supports up to 300lbs/ 136kg. Moreover, the water bike can be considered transportable because it can easily fit in most vehicles without a rack or trailer. The whole water bike weighs at 100lbs/ 45kg when fully assembled.


The Schiller water bike is for all people of all ages and all kinds of people. Anyone can try water biking. You don’t have to be super fit for this extraordinary water sport! Water biking is wonderful because it allows people to have fun, exercise, and explore the water outdoors.

Cycle with friends and family on water instead!

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