Yacht sailing versus dinghy sailing

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Yacht sailing versus dinghy sailing

The type of sailboat you decide to sail will develop your point of view on the sport as a whole. Numerous sailors love changing from one boat to another. It could depend on where they are and what sailboats they also have access to. On the other hand, a lot of people may love to stick to the same type of boat for their entire lives. So what are the types of boats that exist and which one is good for you?

Two most common types of sailboats

The two most common types of sailboats are sailing dinghies and sailing yachts. Most sailing courses for kids generally use dinghies because smaller boats suit smaller people in a way. Although many young sailors will eventually want to switch to a sailing yacht later on in life. This is because they are larger and less stressful to sail. However, dinghy sailing will remain to be one of the most fun sailing out there on the water.

Unlike sailing courses for teenagers and children, most sailing courses for adults use bigger sailboats. Even though they’re harder to sail and control, their space can allow for instructors and students to comfortably fit aboard. In addition, adults looking forward to certification for sailing are generally more interested in sailing yachts. Yachting is the relaxing type of sailing that a lot of people would dream about.

Dinghies or Yachts? You decide for yourself!

Advantages and disadvantages for sailing dinghies and yachts

Yacht advantages:

  • Open and infinite ocean sailing and longer races/distances
  • Sleeping and traveling abroad is possible due to more space around
  • Extra comfort due to more space
  • You can easily have multiple people aboard

Yacht disadvantages:

  • Expensive to own and maintain properly
  • Can be hard to control and maneuver

Dinghy advantages:

  • Intoxicating and thrilling by being close to the water
  • Ideal for staying in good shape as it requires more action
  • Sailing dinghy rentals can be found everywhere for a fun day of sailing
  • Much more affordable compared to yachts
  • Helps you master the skill of sailing properly and even competitively

Dinghy disadvantages:

  • It can be very difficult to have larger people comfortably fit
  • The space is very limited so you can’t fit many people on it
  • You can’t travel or go too far on a sailboat dinghy
  • It may be much harder for older or less active people to sail

Nevertheless, Start sailing as soon as possible to enjoy this amazing watersport!

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